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 About The Ultimate Speech Package:

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The speech went down a storm...

"After reading the speeches supplied, I mixed and matched lines from each to blend into my perfect speech. Combined with a few funnies from the Best Man handbook and other free bonuses, the speech went down a storm!"
--Andrew Farrell, Oxfordshire, England

"I had the audience captivated...
and carried them through many different emotions. I could have not done it without your help!"
--Nicholas S., Wisconsin

...the toast was a big hit... definitely worth the small investment !
"I'm glad to say that after I recieved my download, I was able to custom tweak my best man toast to perfection...needless to say the toast was a big hit.  It was definitely worth the small investment!  Thanks"
--Brian Jeffries, NC

I would've missed important things without this package!
"Your package was excellent, as it provided so many different approaches and ideas for giving the speech. With your package, I was able to mix and match some great material, including some humor and appropriate compliments and comments to the bride/groom as well as the families and bridesmaids (which I probably wouldn't have thought of). Your speech package has proved invaluable to me, as the best man, and I'm sure that when I do deliver the speech it will be sensational. Thank you very much!"
--Nick M, Norwood, MA

"I couldn't have asked for a better response from the audience
and the bride and groom after using ideas from this speech package. I never would have expected to hear the comment, "When I get married, I hope that my best man is half as great as you have been. I thank you for this. I don't think my speech would have been as funny, sappy, or emotional if I hadn't used ideas from the Ultimate Speech package. Thanks again!!"
--Devin S, Seattle, WA

I was able to create a speech of a lifetime!
"Thanks for the follow up on this.  I would like to THANK YOU for this GREAT Service.  After downloading you material I was able to create a Speech of a lifetime!!!  I probably had 15 people come up to me afterwards and say that it was the best, Best Man speech they had ever
heard!  Tremendous success."
--Christian Williams, VA

Thanks to you, I got the whole room to laugh...
"I combined some ideas from your speeches with my own. A few of the one liners were very memorable. Some of those jokes I just couldn't come up with on my own. Thanks to you, I got the whole room to laugh and loosen up. This made the delivery of the speech much easier and helped me improve on what I was originally going to say."
--Brian H., Hoboken, NJ  USA

"Thanks, Ryan...wow!
An Internet company that really cares about the customers!  Got it all...there's some killer stuff in there, and I know I'm gonna get a bunch of laughs.  Best of luck to you, and thanks."
--John McBride, MO

"The speech went very well, it was so easy with the package!  Well worth it."
--Chris P., Wellington, New Zealand

"This was a VERY valuable product for me.
 It showed me how to organize my speech and gave some great ideas!"
-Mike, Scottsbluff, NB

"I received so many compliments it was unbelievable
I was better able to prepare for my speech and felt way more comfortable in giving the speech because I knew that I was using material that had already been successful for someone else. I received so many compliments it was unbelievable!"
--Brian, Clifton Park, NY

"I used parts from all of them, and it worked great! "
--Douglas, Chesapeake VA

At first they laughed, and then they cried, plus I had a lot of people compliment me on it.  Your first speech was perfect for my occasion, but it was extremely easy to take tidbits from each one, to blend the perfect speech together."
--Lee, Jacksonville, FL

"Would you believe me if I told you that after my speech, everyone stood up and

I've got it on video and in pictures to prove it. Aside from their wedding moment, the wedding couple told me that my speech was one of their highlights of the day. After that speech, I had people congratulating me for the speech the entire night. Single men and women told me that they are choosing me for their best man when they get married. It was just too funny!  Thank you so much, Ultimate Speeches, for helping me be the best Best Man and for making me stand out from the crowd!"
-Damian, Miami, FL

The Bride was very happy...
"I gave the speech on Sunday. It was a big success. I think everyone who knew me said the speech was awesome. The Bride was very happy and without your speeches, I would not have included enough about her. I think  that is a common mistake that the best man makes."
--Salvatore, Washington DC

I received compliments all night after the speech...
"I took some of the best parts from each speech and threw in some personal information to make a great speech. The models that were provided were a great help and made the speech flow smoothly. I received compliments all night after the speech...and beforehand I was terrified!"
--Chris, Jacksonville, FL

...my speech was very well received.  Thank you very much !
"I purchased 5 pre-written speeches and what I did was to pick the most relevant and useful pieces for me and put them together with a few paragraphs of my own. This process was very easy and took a lot of the pressure and stress out of making my Best Man's speech. Subsequently, my speech was very well received. Thank you very much!"
-Robert P, Chicago

"For me the variety was good, I just borrowed a little from each saying and put mine together!"
--Paul, Reading, MA

"I successfully wrote my best man speech using your speeches as a guide. I used parts exactly as you wrote and I reworded other areas to fit my circumstances."
--Brian, Chicago, IL

"It was a lifesaver...
I am a bad procrastinator and I had no idea what to say the night before the wedding and it was extremely helpful. I didn't use it word for word but they gave me so many good ideas."
--Tim, Flagstaff, AZ

A guest at the wedding said "that was the best speech I ever heard at a wedding, and I've been to plenty."
--Matthew, Atlanta, GA

You took away 95% of the stress of being a best man...
"I got the material on behalf of my son who was best man for his brother.  He received a standing ovation! We used a lot of the material you sent us, bits from different pieces. Your material was extremely helpful. You took away 95% of the stress of being a best man!"
-Tony, Norfolk UK

"I thought the package was very helpful!  It gave some good ideas for how and what to say and how to give a good body to the speech."
--Tamara, Washington

"I got some good laughs and some tears in the eyes of some close friends."
-Mike, Oakdale, NY

Definitely worth the price for the amount of time it saved...
"The pre-written speeches provide a nice outline and allow the user to personalize their speech. Definitely worth the price for the amount of time it saved!"
--Lou, Rochester, NY

My speech was a success...
"I used your Ultimate Speech Package to start my speech and to finish it. I used my own words in the middle. My speech was a success. Thank you!"
-Bob, Philadelphia

I came across confidently and funny!

"What can I say apart from I'm just in from a great wedding to which I was best man to the groom. I was really nervous about my speech so I thought I'd take some advice from you. Excellent! Although I panicked just a tad, I came across confidently and funny!  Thanks for all your help!"
--Scott, G.B.

I got lots of compliments...
"I used all your materials and my speech was a hit! I got lots of compliments and could not have done it without your help! Thanks!"
--Ryan, Winsted, MN

"I used one of your speeches and was the hero of the day! "
--David, Fresno County

"Very good! I picked pieces from all of your speeches. It turned out great!"
--David, Redlands, CA

"Your speech package gave me a lot of great ideas.
 I found the speech package very helpful with plenty of funny ideas also.   There was more than enough info/ideas to help one prepare for a speech and or toast with confidence."
--Brian H., Oregon

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