Monday, May 02, 2005


Best Man Toast

"My speech was a huge hit.""All the feedback was extremely positive, I felt that I was right on with the delivery. I had checked out a couple (free) different websites before yours, and was unable to come up with any real useful material, paying the [cost] was a great investment and my final speech was a huge hit. Not really sure what more you could provide. Great web site!"--Brendan O'Donohue, Gilbert, AZ

"It's better to be prepared!""It's worth the price. It's better to spend a little and be prepared, than to spend nothing and possibly flub the most important day in someone's life."--Thomas Dicks, New York

"Everyone thought it was the best speech!""Rating a 10. They were excellent, there were so many different speeches that any speech would work for all types of individuals. My friend actually hasn't used his speech yet, the wedding isn't until September, but he was very pleased with the result of your speeches. We heard about this web site from a mutual friend. When he gave his speech at a different wedding he had everyone laughing, and then some crying. Everyone thought it was the best speech and fortunately for us, he admitted that it wasn't his own. There was so much information given to me that all of the basis were covered. I specifically like the quotes that you gave me."--Rebecca Copeland, Washington, MO

I created the speech of a lifetime!"Thanks for the follow up on this. I would like to THANK YOU for this GREAT Service. After downloading you material I was able to create a Speech of a lifetime!!! I probably had 15 people come up to me afterwards and say that it was the best, Best Man speech they had ever heard! Tremendous success."--Chris Williams, VA

"Overwhelming response!""I blended (cut and pasted) the speeches and had an overwhelmingly positive response about the speech."--Chris Akinuoye, Calgary, CA

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